For Corriere dello Sport, better video delivery comes at a reduced price

One of Italy’s largest sports websites deploys a 3rd generation video CDN to enjoy a YouTube-grade video user experience at a lower cost. CTO: “I was fascinated by HolaCDN’s totally new concept of service, which does not rely on local servers.”

Video is key for the widely popular Corriere dello Sport, which has seen an explosive growth of sports video streams over the past few years.

Video clip in the motor sport section of Corriere dello Sport

Came for the price, stayed for the architecture

“We are always on the look for lower cost solutions”, says Giuseppe Pascarella, Corriere dello Sport’s CTO, “and our choice to experiment with HolaCDN was initially based on the service’s price, which is by far cheaper than the main competitors.”

Giuseppe Pascarella: "HolaCDN will be a key player in the transition to mobile video"

"However, when I started experimenting I was fascinated by HolaCDN’s totally new concept of service, which does not rely on local servers but streams most of the video through low-cost servers worldwide. This is a huge advantage for us, considering the frequent network overload in Italy’s slow Internet infrastructure. As our site is accessed by 2.5 million visitors each week, it was crucial that we reduce the amount of buffering and shorten our videos’ start and seek times.”

“Another major advantage of HolaCDN is its seamless integration with our existing CDN infrastructure, which allowed us to safely experiment with the service without affecting our users.”

YouTube-level video user experience and client-side analytics

Pascarella recalls: “We started experimenting with a small user base, but quickly scaled up to include many more users because the results far exceeded our expectations: video buffer decreased by 40%, which, combined with shorter start and seek times, make for a highly improved user experience.”

“We also found that HolaCDN’s architecture, coupled with the use of client-side code and user analytics, allowed us to analyze and significantly improve the video user experience offered by our website.”

HolaCDN - key partner in the transition to mobile

Looking towards the future, Pascarella says: “I believe that in the upcoming year the constant increase in the number of our mobile users will make HolaCDN a key player in the transition to mobile video, due to HolaCDN’s main benefits for us, namely: reduced buffering and smooth video play, without interruptions.”