From Vogue to Vanity Fair, mass-media giant CONDÉ NAST uses HolaCDN for its high-end video delivery

Marco Viganò, Condé Nast Italia Head of Digital Development: “The quality of our users’ viewing experience has a direct impact on their engagement with ads, which contributes directly to the company’s revenue and profitability. HolaCDN helped us reach our goal of improving our users’ video viewing experience.”

Condé Nast needs no introduction. The mass media giant includes world-famous brands in video, print, and digital media from Vogue to Vanity Fair, GQ, Wired, Glamour, and beyond. With over 25 million consumers in Italy and with its newest division, Condé Nast (founded in 2011 to develop video, film, and digital programming), Condé Nast depends on lightning-fast and dependable video delivery to match its first-rate content.

“We have many videos on our websites and video ads are an important source of revenue for our company,” says Head of Digital Development Marco Viganò. “We represent the most important fashion periodicals in the world like Vogue, GQ, and Glamour, so our reputation is very important. We were looking to improve user experience in watching videos because it correlates directly with increased ad revenue. A fellow CTO of a leading media house in Italy recommended HolaCDN and I can now say I would recommend the same to other CTOs! HolaCDN helped us reach our goals quite fast and preserve our high-quality reputation,” says Head of Digital Development Marco Viganò.”

HolaCDN tailored to Conde Nast’s Italia specific needs with seamless integration with existing OVP

Condé Nast uses Brightcove for its online video platform. Before integrating HolaCDN, Condé Nast could not measure the quality of its user’s engagement with video, which is crucial as it seeks to dominate in the digital arena. “When we first integrated HolaCDN, our first step was to measure user engagement with Brightcove and then enable Hola technology to improve the different parameters that are important for our business,” says Marco. Integration of HolaCDN with an existing OVP is not a problem - For Cond Nast, integration was easy and seamless. “It was supper fast to implement the Hola code and get it running,” remarked Viganò.

Improved user experience translates to increased ad revenue

The name of the game is reliability. Reliability translates into longer time spent with video and therefore more time spent with a larger number of ads. Condé Nast Italia wanted to provide users with more reliable video: fewer fails, faster starts, and less buffering. HolaCDN was the solution. “User Quality of Experience has a direct impact on user engagement,” says Viganò, “which in turn contributes to the company’s revenue from video ads.” When videos or ads fail to start or fail to play quickly, viewers give up. When this repeats often, viewers remember and will spend less time on a site or avoid it completely. HolaCDN reduces the risk of video and ad failure and improves their performance (less buffering, faster starts). As a result, ad viewership increases as well.

How does HolaCDN improve video and ad delivery?

HolaCDN uses “mid-stream switching” to deliver video. This innovative process retrieves the first chunks of video from the fastest and best performing local server available, which ensure the video starts fast! The rest of the video is retrieved from other servers around the world, so that during peak times when lots of users are watching, servers are not overburdened and there are fewer fails and less buffering!

Significant reduction in bandwidth costs with HolaCDN

With HolaCDN, Condé Nast Italia immediately saw increases in user engagement with ads. But there is more! Because of HolaCDN’s technology, it can provide better performance at far cheaper prices. HolaCDN retrieves the first chunks of video from the fastest servers but takes the remaining chunks from lower-cost servers around the globe. As a result the costs for Conde Nast Italia plummeted while quality of experience improved. Condé Nast Italia has shaped the finest quality of style and fashion for decades. It can now also count on the highest quality of viewer experience in delivering its video content.