How to gain leverage towards the next negotiation with your CDN vendor

Dan Rayburn’s latest CDN report reveals that prices change wildly between customers with similar usage.

Do you know if you are overpaying for your CDN consumption? Rayburn’s report shows that negotiation tactics, information, and leverage have a major impact on the price you pay. Read the report here.

Rayburn’s report reveals a staggering 8 cents per GB difference between the low and high prices charged for the consumption of the same bandwidth.


Not all CDNs are priced equal: HolaCDN’s multi-CDN switcher displays all your existing CDNS, letting them compete for the upcoming slices of streaming video

So now you have the market information, but how can you affect the leverage that you may have, when negotiating with your CDN vendor? Third generation CDNs provide you with mid-stream switching technologies, which break up the video in to chunks, and choose the fastest and cheapest source for each chunk. This enables you to work with multiple CDNs, achieve better performance, and a much lower cost. HolaCDN is such a third generation video CDN:

  • The midstream switching architecture creates a cost structure that allows HolaCDN’s prices to be by far the cheapest in the market, with a flat fee per GB of $0.01 (see
  • The Multi-CDN nature of HolaCDN, provides you with the ability to work with as many CDNs as you choose, right out of the box. This removes the leverage that your CDN vendor has when negotiating the next contract with you (see

You can start using HolaCDN now, free: HolaCDN.