India’s ZeeTV enhances user experience and drops digital delivery costs thanks to HolaCDN

Prahlad Adhikari, Global Head of Technology at ZeeTV

Voted India’s Most Attractive TV-Media Brand in 2016, Zee TV is a massively-popular network and is the flagship of the leading Indian media conglomerate ZEEL. With multiple channels across devices, Zee TV offers both live programming and VOD in Hindi and a variety of local languages, serving India and the global diaspora. From the latest Bollywood hits to original reality shows, Zee TV programming includes TV shows, movies, music, and lifestyle videos.

Zee TV provides its content at monthly subscription fee as well as free . “While most of the competitors either have subscription or ad supported model, Zee operates with both the models with equal proportions” writes Zee Digital Convergence Ltd’s (digital arm of Zee) Global Head-Technology Prahlad Adhikari, “as a result we are always on the lookout for innovative technological solutions to reduce costs of video delivery and increase viewership.” HolaCDN provides Zee TV with both, reducing video delivery costs and increasing viewership.

Massive spikes in traffic no longer impede smooth delivery
“We are impressed with HolaCDN’s mid-stream switching technology that delivers videos in chunks from multiple servers around the globe: the first chunk downloads from the fastest available server, while the remaining video chunks are delivered from other low-cost servers on the HolaCDN network. As a result of this innovative technology, videos are delivered faster, with less buffering, no matter where the server is located. Also, this technology makes video delivery inherently cheaper as compared to many of other CDN providers”.

Ad viewership increases as delivery costs plummet
“With the implementation of HolaCDN, we saw a rise in user engagement” writes Prahlad Adhikari, “We found that improved user experience meant users came back more often and for longer spurts. As a result, as users watch more content, we are able to deliver more value to our users.”

But it is not only higher quality video that keeps users watching, but higher-quality ads themselves. When ads fail to start or fail to play quickly, viewers give up quickly. HolaCDN reduces the risk of ad failure and improves ad performance, so ad viewership increases as well.

The Future is now: Multi-CDN real-time switching
ZeeTV was also attracted to HolaCDN’s mutli-CDN switcher, which allowed it to make cutting-edge strides into a multi-CDN environment. “The multi-CDN switcher provided real-time switching between servers in different countries,” writes Prahlad Adhikari, “and this is something we are looking forward to through active collaboration with CDN technology providers like HolaCDN and and few others.”

Thanks to HolaCDN, Zee TV now has video delivery covered from A to Zee!