Introducing the Hola CDN

Written by Ofer Vilenski, Hola CEO

We founded Hola because we thought that the underlying protocols running the Internet were outdated, and that we could apply new thinking to make the Web faster, more open and cheaper to operate.

It took us almost 4 years to develop a P2P overlay network that would carry HTTP. It would re-route, cache and serve URL requests to members of the network through other members of the network whose resources are idle. In 2013 we launched the first service based on this network - it disrupted the Internet by making it open for all with our Hola VPN service ( Since then 53 million people have used our network to avoid censorship in every country in the world.

In 2014 we disrupted the Web again with our Luminati service ( It provides a data harvesting network for corporations to be able to see the web as their customers see it, without being blocked by their competitors. This service is making online businesses more competitive, and has driven Hola to profitability and fast growth.

Now, we are working on disrupting a new part of the Web - online video delivery.

Its too slow and too expensive!

Have you noticed how YouTube delivers video flawlessly? It starts fast, hardly buffers, allows you fast forward seeking, and lots of cool features on the player? Why don’t all other video sites work just as well?

A major reason for this is that YouTube provides technology on both sides of the connection - software on the browser side that communicates with software on their servers, that together create a great viewing experience.

Our new Hola Content Distribution Network (CDN) delivers a YouTube style video viewing experience for any video publisher, by using technology on both sides. It consists of a global network of dedicated servers running Hola’s P2P technology, and JavaScript client side code running on the viewer’s side. Unlike traditional CDNs, Hola CDN streams video to viewers from multiple sources (servers) in parallel, at high utilization levels, and leverages servers in lower-cost regions. This slashes prices for video distribution in any geographic location, while increasing speed and reliability.

The Hola CDN is already being used by 12 video publishers that are participating in a pilot program. We are seeing incredible results and are working hard to perfect the system. If all goes according to plan, Hola CDN will open its doors to customers during Q4 2015. For now, you can see a live demo of our CDN at

The Hola team has taken on some huge challenges in the past. We’ve disrupted the Internet twice. This is our biggest and most exciting challenge to date. Follow us to see how we disrupt the online video viewing experience.