Mako streams the “Big Brother” with HolaCDN

Aviram Freidenberg, CTO: “HolaCDN helps us achieve our goal of being Israel’s highest quality video broadcaster”

Aviram Freidenberg, CTO

Mako, one of the top three most-trafficked websites in Israel, is the digital branch of Keshet - an Israeli mass media company with local rights to hit shows like “Big Brother” and “Master Chef”.

Ensuring the highest quality, for the best user engagement

“We want to provide our users with the best online video viewing experience”, says Aviram. “We deliver the most widely watched TV shows and news segments in Israel, both live and on-demand. It’s high-quality content, and we want to deliver it perfectly.”

“We use multiple CDNs to improve our service, but we had no way of measuring actual user experience, since traditional CDNs cannot measure client side experience -- and if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it!”

A new light on user experience

Aviram and his team realized the benefits of HolaCDN’s video analytics: “Once we integrated HolaCDN’s analytics module, we could measure our users’ viewing experience. Immediately, we saw how viewers interacted with our videos, the quality of experience they had, and why they stopped watching. We found issues we didn’t even know existed. And we were able to compare performance of different CDN providers. It was fascinating.”

HolaCDN’s monitoring capabilities provides real-time performance alerts. “If the experience on any video on our site is not up to par, we immediately know where and why. It helped us avoid outages on more than one occasion.”

Finally, statistics which are actionable

HolaCDN uses ‘mid stream switching’ technology to stream video. It identifies, for each user and in real time, the best source (server) for the next video chunk. The technology enables Mako to deliver the highest quality video, with less buffering and at lower costs compared to traditional CDNs.

“Online video consumption is unpredictable. There are daily peak hours, seasonal peaks for hit shows, and unexpected news events. HolaCDN adds an element of flexibility to our current CDN setup. It detects and handles these rapid changes, without ever compromising on quality”.

Mako is experiencing the growth of online video delivery, “Every day we have more viewers, using multiple devices, watching more videos, and we are happy to provide them with the best video quality.”