UK’s ‘The Independent’ streams its news with HolaCDN

Chris Press, Head of Ventures: “We anticipate HolaCDN to keep our costs in check as our mobile video continues to grow.”

Chris Press, Head of Ventures

Video news broadcasting expands

The Independent is one of the fastest growing quality news brands online in the world.

“We were seeing our video views and associated revenues growing considerably, but needed to manage the cost of this growth”. Chris began looking for ways to reduce the growing video streaming costs.

The HolaCDN pricing model

HolaCDN’s pricing model was a match for The Independent: It offers a simple fee based on bandwidth used, without any commitment, and the same low price applies to any geography.

The integration with ‘The Independent’s existing workflows was trivial - once the HolaCDN Javascript was added to the video pages, their HolaCDN dashboard showed them their KPIs (e.g. video start time, buffering, seek times) on their existing CDN. Then, they enabled HolaCDN’s streaming service to take part of the load, and compared the KPIs. Once they were confident, the Independent was able to determine how much of the traffic remains on their existing CDN, and how much is offloaded to the HolaCDN, using HolaCDN’s Multi-CDN switcher.

“It’s good to have full control”, Chris continues, “with the Multi-CDN switcher, we can control our CDN vendor distribution and reduce costs”.

“The dedicated support and engineering teams made me feel very confident with HolaCDN”.

Future of news is in mobile devices

Looking forward, Chris sees a bright future for online news: “We’ve grown tremendously over the past few years, particularly on Smartphones and tablets”, he continues, “And we anticipate HolaCDN will help us keep our costs down as we grow on those devices as well”.