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Faster video start
and higher bitrates


Reduced buffering
and lower fail rate


Increased engagement
and lower costs

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Measure key metrics
Measure your viewers’ engagement with free Hola Video Analytics
Finally: gain visibility into real user experience with video
Hola uses YouTube-like technology to optimize video delivery
Better performance means users spend more time on your videos
Increase profits
Better user experience increases engagement and drives up monetization
Amazing video delivery comes with reduced CDN costs

Monitor your video streaming performance for the first time with Hola Video Analytics

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Unlock access to real user experience to maximize performance
Free to use with your existing CDN
Integrate with one line of JS code
Compare multiple CDNs
Live dashboard
% users playing video
% of content viewed
Start time
Users with buffering

Hola‘s Mid-stream Switching Technology

Traditional CDNs
Stream the entire video from one nearby server

Suffer from slow response times at peak hours, slow starts, high fail rates, more buffering, and slow handling of long tail content
Hola Video CDN
Starts streaming from fastest nearby server and continues streaming from lower-traffic servers

Faster start times, higher bitrates, less buffering, fewer failures, better long tail video, and lower costs

Using multiple CDNs yet?
HolaCDN switcher makes that easy

Hola CDN multiplexer is based on actual user experience,
NOT generic network measurements

Maximize viewing time with Hola Player

A free HTML5 player with features both you and your users need
Hola Player VideoJS JW Player
(open source)
JW Player
Open source Yes Yes Yes No Yes
YouTube-like UI Yes No No No No
Adaptive in HTML5 mode Optimized, free Basic, free No Basic, $ Basic, free
Instant thumbnails Yes No No No No
Streaming performance Optimized Basic Basic Basic Basic
Ad support (VAST/IMA) Free Partial No $ $
Ad edge stitching Yes No No No No
Video analytics Yes No No No No

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Video Analytics
Video Player
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