Free Hola Open Source Player

Hola player is VideoJS on steroids. It includes unique video features that deliver an amazing video experience.

Instant video and image preview

Keep up with the latest features to enhance user experience

No workflow changes; generated automatically

Watch the video

Seeking is more fun with thumbnails

Instant thumbails on your existing player

No workflow changes; generated automatically

Watch the video

Video follows you while scrolling

Player remains visible while scrolling

Users see more video and more ads

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Suggestions for next video

Automatically generated suggestions for next video

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Busy? Save videos to watch later

Enjoy more returning users to your site

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Commercial grade video player based on VideoJS

Improved support for HLS and HDS formats.

Rich video.js plugin eco-system

Various plugins available for added functionality, such as:

Video experience analytics

What is the average buffering time in Germany?
How many seeks users are doing in a single video?
Get answers in real-time through the analytics dashboard.

Multi-platform compatibility

Supports playback on desktop and a variety of mobile devices, with failsafe mechanism to ensure your video is played everywhere.

And it's free!

You can use the Hola video player free, even if you choose not to buy bandwidth from Spark.

Spark Player VideoJS JW Player
(open source)
JW Player
Open source Yes Yes Yes No Yes
YouTube-like UI Yes No No No No
Adaptive in HTML5 mode Optimized, free Basic, free No Basic, $ Basic, free
Instant thumbnails Yes No No No No
Streaming performance Optimized Basic Basic Basic Basic
Ad support (VAST/IMA) Free Partial No $ $
Ad edge stitching Yes No No No No
Video analytics Yes No No No No