Bizety’s Interview With Ofer Vilenski, CEO Of Hola CDN

Hola's CEO Ofer Vilenski was interviewed by Bizety about the current landscape of the CDN industry and the history behind Hola's mid-stream switching technology.

Read below an excerpt from the article.

Today, video content makes up 64% of internet traffic – in three years, it should make up over 80% (Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2014–2019). So why are so many CDNs treating this vital traffic as only a side project?

Hola CDN recognized this gap in the market and responded with the first CDN specifically designed for video delivery. By building a network around the distinctive elements of the delivery stream, Hola CDN delivers video traffic faster, cheaper and more efficiently than several of its less focused competitors.

Along with video delivery expertise, Hola CDN has built a suite of analytic and management tools centered around video content control. For producers and distributors, Hola CDN has streamlined video transmission, reducing hosting costs dramatically. For viewers, Hola CDN uses fast start servers to start playback ASAP, and multi-stream switching to keep playing even under low bandwidth conditions.

Read the full interview here.