About Hola Spark

Our vision

YouTube has an awesome video delivery experience: Its fast and its cool. Most video publishers have not developed the technologies to allow for a similar user experience, that users have now come to fully expect.

Hola Spark was founded with the goal of enabling video publishers to deliver a YouTube like experience to their customers - cool and fast.

This is what TV3 published on Facebook once they launched Hola Spark on their website:
Derry Shribman
Founder, President


Prior to founding Hola, Derry founded Jungo to develop the leading operating system for home routers. In 2006 Jungo was acquired by NDS (Cisco) for $107M. It employed 170 people and was profitable. He then had a thesis that HTTP could be re-invented to make the Internet much faster and more open. He started Hola.

The Hola Hola Spark Team

Everyone in the Hola Spark team is obsesed with one thing: Making video amazing for users and profitable for publishers.
Arik Gilad


  • In-house chef cooks fresh, healthy meals every day
  • Any gear you need to shine
  • Work with the best developers out there - many were CTOs, VP R&D and senior R&D managers
  • We care about talent more than locale - out of Israel? Join us and work from home.
We love learning. We are constantly refining our DNA to continue to learn as a group.