Hundreds of publishers use Spark

Instant Video Previews

Upgrade static thumbnails to dynamic Video Previews

Make video discovery fun, informative & engaging

No workflow changes; generated in seconds

Watch the video

Watch Next increases video views

Automatic suggestions for next video

Available during video play, on pause, and after video end

Configurable logic: Popular/trending/new, or via API

Watch the video

Thumbnails make seeking fun

Auto-generated thumbnails on your existing player

Beautiful full-frame display for instant seeking

Visual Timeline displays entire video to user

Watch the video

Floating Player visible while scrolling

Modern video/browsing experience used by top publishers

Users see more video and more ads

Watch the video

Add video widgets to any page

Familiar YouTube-like search and results

Instant video sharing to multiple platforms

Promote Popular/Trending/New videos

Instant casting to TV

Enable any player to cast video to TVs, ChromeCast & AppleTV

High resolution video streaming - not screen mirroring!

Works in background; users can use device as 2nd screen

Videos start faster

Video is streamed from multiple servers, not just from one

Fastest available server streams the first seconds of each video

Smooth streaming, no buffering

Realtime algorithm selects best server, before buffering occurs

Reduced buffering increases viewing time and engagement

Perfect ad stitching

Video starts instantly after video ads

Fewer video ad errors increase monetization

Open source Spark Video Player

Full featured HTML5 player based on VideoJS
(optional - not required for Spark features)

Spark Player VideoJS JW Player
(open source)
JW Player
Open source Yes Yes Yes No Yes
YouTube-like UI Yes No No No No
Adaptive in HTML5 mode Optimized Basic No Basic, $ Basic
Instant thumbnails Yes No No No No
Streaming performance Optimized Basic Basic Basic Basic
Ad support (VAST/IMA) Yes Partial No $ $
Ad edge stitching Yes No No No No
Video analytics Yes No No No No


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